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New Box Pleating Machines


Box Pleating sewing machines are often used in the Awards Ribbon industry and the Lampshade industry. They are also typically used on dresses, blouses, aprons, skirts, children clothes, and trimmings on a great variety of articles.

Box Pleating

  • Double Needle
  • Two Thread Chainlock, FST number 401
  • Price includes machine and any four cams listed below

The pleating blade may be up to 3" to 4" wide but the depth of the pleat is about 1/2" deep maximum. The edge is sewn to keep the pleat in place. No heat is used.

We also have conventional pleating machines that use a heated blade to put a pleat into polyester material over a width of 28" , 48" or 60".

Wide Gauge Imperial Box Pleating Machine for Special Applications

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