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Pleating Machine Parts

Parts available for Mutual and Chandler Machines

Apparel Machine ProductsBlades (Knives or Combs) & Springs for Crystal Pleating Machines

Blades (Knifes or Combs)
Crystal Pleating Knives (Blades, Comb) Are sold in 10" sections


Machine Parts

All parts for Chandler and Mutual Pleating machines available on a special order basis. Contact us for more information.

Apparel Machine ProductsBands for Crystal Pleating Machines

Bands for Crystal Pleating Machine

#1 - Short Band
#2 Long Band
#3 Extra Long Band

Order Instructions

For Bands please calculate distance from the center of the hole to the start of the knife slots

Apparel Machine ProductsNomex Covers for Mutual & Chandler Combination Pleating Machines.
Nomex Covers
Nomex Cover For Combination Pleating Machine


Order Instructions

When ordering Nomex Covers please submit the length and width you need


Apparel Machine ProductsShirring Springs for Bubble Pleating Machines


Apparel Machine ProductsBlades for Mutual Push Up machines.

Pleating Part Blade
Blade - Sold in 10" sections

Apparel Machine ProductsHeating Elements