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The Astex 6800 Series
Laminating Systems

  • Laminating Equipment applications include automotive trim, marine trim, carpeting, upholstery, residential and office interiors, medical, electronic, and telecommunications industries.

  • Handles adhesives & substrates up to 72" wide
  • Multiple layers of materials can be laminated at one time
  • Handles all types of dry adhesives - powder, film, web
  • 6800 series can also handle sheet feed applications

Two position Unwind Stand and Driven
Pull Roll to strip release paper from adhesive before entry into Astex 6800 Laminator

  • Continuous roll-to-roll laminating at high production rates
  • Dry Laminate applications include- film, fabric, foam, etc.

The Astex 6800 Series of Fusing/Laminating machines is a wide width, heavy duty machine with 50% greater heat capacity and longer heated chamber than comparatively priced machines.


The unique 6 zone heat control system is divided first into Top and Bottom, and further subdivided right, center, and left. Every zone is individually monitored by solid state PID Loop controllers, The 6800 Series longer heating and cooling chamber permit higher production speeds with absolute laminating security.