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Astex 361 Powder Coater

Astex Powder Coater for Use in Dry Coating & Laminating applications


Available for the Astex Laminating 6800 series or stand-alone.

This modular unit is ideal for dispensing dry, heat actived powder used in coating and laminating applications.

The Astex Model 361 Powder Coater is ideal modular unit for dispensing dry, heat-activated powder used in coating and laminating applications. The powder coater, which is available in widths from 40 inches to 100 inches, has powder hopper with movable side walls which are used to set the width of the powder application to match that of the moving web. The side walls can be adjusted from the coater's full-width capacity down to zero width.

The Model 361 uses a special needle cylinder system to meter the flow of powder from the hopper to the moving web below. DC voltage permanent magnet motors and adjustable speed controls drive both the metering motor and the powder coater's sweeping blade agitator - which brushes the powder from the roller's needles-providing infinite ajustment by changing the amount of powder distributed to the moving web.

The Model 361 Laminating machine features a low-level indicator light and is available with an optional M-drive controller for the metering roll, which allows the coater to be electronically connected to the coating line. When the coating line speed is adjusted, the coater speed changes proportionally, maintaining the same powder add-on rate regardless of line speed.



  • Needle Cylinder/Screen accommodates 200-500 micron particles
  • Variable Speed Control on Needle Cylinder
  • Variable Speed Control of Sweeping Blade Agitator
  • Volume of container 222 listers (7.85 cu. ft.)
  • Removable Sifter Screen
  • Deposit by weight is 10 to 200 gr/m2
  • Coating Tolerance in average weight +/- 2%
  • Bin Recovery System for over-coated powder
  • Adjustable coating width as specified
  • Low level indicator
  • Available in withs from 40 - 100 inches
  • Stand for Powder Coater

Spec Diagram


Model Machine Width Machine Length Machine Height Power Requirements

Net Weight

361 40-100 inches
(101 - 254 cm)
56 in.
(140 cm)
6.0 ft.
(1.83 m)
220 or
380 /3ph
1600 lbs
(726 kgs)