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The AIT/Astex 295

Turbo-Goliath Film/Fabric Laminating Press

Astex Table Top Laminating Machine
Handles up to 70" fabric. Ideal for Emblem Industry.

For over 20 years, the Turbo-Goliath has served the lamination needs of the emblem industry. Its large electrically heated platen allows for up to 70" wide fabric. Designed specifically for post lamination of multiple layers, the Turbo-Goliath Laminating machine will also pre-laminate at a production rate of approximately 9 FPM.


The Turbo-Goliath is designed to laminate thermoplastic film to embroidery without crushing it or heat damage. After lamination has completed, the vacuum system pulls the embroidery stitching to the face of the fabric which helps increase its 3-D effect.

The machine is well-suited for Schiffli and multi-head embroidery and the threads do not have to be trimmed prior to laminating. Alignment of the materials is made easy with two holding brackets.

Included are many standard features including an energy miser temperature control to conserve electricity, and an automatic take-up roller to rewind the cooled parts into a roll for easy unloading.

Laminating Machine Info


  • Indexing Conveyor
  • Unwinds with Automatic Rewind [Not Shown]
  • Pneumatic Pressure System
  • Long Life Teflon Coated Fiberglass Belt
  • Microprocessor

Optional Equipment:

  • Steam Mist System with Boiler
  • Patented Vacuum System with Turbine

Spec Diagram:



Model Platen Size Length Width Height


AIR Net Weight
295-B 36" x 60" 11'-3"
(822 cm)
(213 cm)
(160 cm)
102 Amps @
125 PSI
4,500 lbs.
36" x 72"
(822 cm)
(244 cm)
160 cm
102 Amps @
125 PSI 5,000 lbs.