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The Astex 2024SC

Table Top Laminating Machine

Astex Table Top Laminating Machine

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Laminating Machine Konsan

The Astex 2024SC Series is standard in 24" belt width. A large lay-up table top, bottom heat control and adjustable Silicone Pressure Rollers make this system especially adaptable for Roll-to-Roll applications such as Film to Fabric Lamination, etc...

Floating top heating modules assure firm contact heat transfer on all thickness of materials.

Laminating Machine Info


  • Top and bottom heat
  • Ez-Track Belt Guid System
  • All electric design (No Compressed Air Required)
  • Variable belt Speed
  • Variable temperature Control
  • Loading Table

Optional Equipment:

Spec Diagram:



Model Machine Length (With Table Only) Machine Width
Machine Height
(2024SC with stand)
Belt Speed ft./min

Belt Width

Power Requirements Net Weight
77.3 in.
(196 cm)
45.8 in.
(116 cm)
52.8 in.
(134 cm)
30 ft/m
(9.1 m/m)
24 in.
(61 cm)
220/1/20 amp draw
600 lbs
(272 kgs)