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AIT Cut & Roll Fabric Inspection Machine


  • Special de-curling roller
  • Various width ( from 190 cm to 330 cm), up to 80 Kg roll weight
  • Quarter-Turn ability to make center-fold rolls
  • Joystick controlled cutting line guide system
  • Motor driven circular cutting knife
  • Adjustable roll tension
  • Adjustable speed
  • End of roll stop sensor
  • Illuminated inspection panel

Closeups of Controller

Designed to cut and open tubular knit fabric including Lycra

The AIT/Konsan Cut & Roll machine designed to cut and open tubular knit fabric, inspect/measure and then roll it up into a perfect roll. To accomplish this, the operator uses a “joy stick” control to cut and follow the line precisely. Lycra is becoming a very common material in tubular knitted goods.

When the material is knitted, it is usually wrapped into a roll and stored in this condition. The fabric roll ends up with creases on both sides. These creases make following operations much harder and increase fabric waste. The Cut & Roll machine precisely cuts the tube lengthwise and opens it. While rolling up, the two edges pass over a special de-curling station just before the fabric roll station. Eliminating edge curls maximizes fabric usage.





  190 KK 210 KK
470 kg
150 cm
150 cm
300 cm
320 cm
190 cm
190 cm
Max Working Speed
60 m/min
60 m/min
Max Fabric Weight
80 kg
80 kg
Max Fabric Roll Diameter
40 cm
40 cm
Max Fabric width
190 cm
210 cm