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Konsan Standard Fabric Inspection Machine

Optional cut off device for Standard Models

The KONSAN Standard Fabric Inspection and Measurement Machines have been designed and produced in order to prevent problems and cost increases that may arise in sewing departments and apparel industries due to production faults in the fabric.

The Standard Fabric Inspection and Measurement Machine features edge following and aligning photocells for obtaining the maximum use of fabric.

Illuminated bottom screen and illumination from above provides an easy control of fabric Metric counter for measuring the length of fabric that is inspected. A special mechanism for fabric tension adjustment

Inspection Machine Info


  • A/C Speed Control
  • Multi-function counter for measuring fabric in feet, yards or meters
  • Specialized mechanism for fabric tension adjustment
  • Bottom and Top Screen Illumination


  KK 190 DMN KK 210 DMN
Max. Fabric Width 75" 83"
Max. Fabric Roll Diameter 20" 20"
Max. Fabric Weight 350 kg 350 kg
Max. Speed 60 m/min. 60 m/min.
Machine Width 73" 73"
Machine Length 119" 127"
Machine Height 83" 83"
Machine Weight 1460 kg 1675 kg


All KK xxx DMN Models

For USA:
220 VAC. 3 PHASE, 60 Hz
Outside USA:
380 VAC, 3 PHASE, 50 Hz

Edge Alignment System