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  Top Products Inspection & Measuring Machines

Inspection and Measuring Machines
Easily Examine your fabrics for production defects


Inquire about our lower priced remanufactured Fabric Inspection Machines

  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic Edge Alignment System
  • Simple Tension Adjustment
  • Cradle feed and rewind system
  • Programmable counter for yards or meters
  • Top and Bottom Illumination
  • Models available to handle rolls up to 500 lbs (200 kg) and 130 (330 cm) inch width
  • Motor reversing switch to handle fabric which is rolled side in or side out
  • Optional Cut-Off Device
Fabric Inspection for Knit Goods

Konsan Fabric Inspection Machine
Cut & Roll

The AIT/Konsan Cut & Roll machine designed to cut and open tubular knit fabric,
inspect/measure and then roll it up into a perfect roll..

Lap Operating Fabric Inspection Machine

Konsan Fabric Inspection Machine
(Lap Operating)

Handles rolls up to 300lbs and 18" max. roll diameter

For Knit Goods, tubular goods & Lapping.

Models #KK160MFD, #KK190MFD, KK210MFD

Inspection Machine

Model 328
Jr. Inspecting and Measuring Machine

This machine provides fast, easy quality control for counting fabric yardage. It has a low, fast drop-in loading bar and edge guide in the back. All speed controls are in one location for simple operation. It comes fully equipped with variable speed motor and foot control, two rods, cones, and manual edge guide.

Standard Konsan Fabric Inspectino Machine

Konsan Fabric Inspection Machine

Heavy Duty Model Handle rolls up to 500 lbs (226.7kg ) and 18" max. roll diameter

Models #KK160DMN, KK190DMN, KK210DMN

Konsan Fabric Inspection Machine (Table Type)

Konsan Fabric Inspection Machine
(Table Type)

Light to medium duty. Handle rolls up to 300 lbs. (136 kg) and 18" max. roll diameter. Ideal for lycra (spandex fiber) garments.

Models #KK160MT-F, KK190MT-F, KK210MT-F

When inquiring about our line of Fabric Inspection Machines be prepared to answer the following questions. These questions will help us make a recommendation as to what model best fits your specifications:

  • What are the width of your goods?
  • What is the weight and diameter of your largest roll?
  • Will you be winding and inspecting any stretch material?
  • What type of material will you mainly be winding and inspecting?
  • What type of machine do you currently use?