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  Top Products Heat Transfer Machines GFO Wide Format Series

AIT GFO Series

Grand Format Heat Press with Oil Heated Drum

The GFO Series Rotary transfer system fills a void in the AIT Heat Press line by providing grand format printing up to 126" (3.2m) that is well suited for dye sublimation runs.

The heat press includes a number of standard features that are not available or sold as options on competitive presses. The system is targeted for large format printers including those in the home furnishing industry (curtains, drapes, etc) and wide-width dye sub banner printers.

Up to 126" Dye-Sublimation Printing

Roll to Roll Fabric Printing ideal for Home Furnishing and wide width banners.


The machine is equipped with light weight air shafts on all six of its unwinds and rewinds. Additionally, safety chucks are included on all unwinds and rewinds to quickly and safely secure all air shafts. Each rewind includes a pneumatic clutch and speed control for tension control. This added feature of independent speed control gives much more adjustment of the tension than does the clutch alone.

The press is equipped with an oil heated drum which ensures even heat distribution across the full width of the drum. The oil heated drum electric heaters are outside the oil - allowing for easy replacement if necessary. There is no "oil reservoir" or expensive commutator that can develop oil leaks over time.

Upon receipt of the machine – Lifting bolts atop allow the machine to be safely removed from the enclosed crate.

Start-up of production – Three super-lite air shafts allow one person to pick up and position the transfer paper, fabric and blotting tissue (when required). The transfer paper is located directly above the entrance into the machine, allowing gravity to help feed straight and evenly. Unwind tension is adjustable with pneumatic tension control.

The fabric is pulled straight up and through an “S” wrap bar that applies additional tension to the fabric. From the “S” wrap, the fabric travels over an adjustable roller to ensure a straight path into the entrance of the machine.

Rewinding of transfer paper and the printed fabric – Most importantly, the paper and fabric are separated immediately upon exit from the machine and transported to the rear of the machine for easy access to the materials and their corresponding rewinds. Air shafts are used to support the rolls, but the mounts are designed for one person to be able to both remove finished rolls and drop in empty shafts and cores. A pneumatic clutch and individual speed controls are used to control tension.

The GFO series is CE certified which guarantees it to meet or exceed safety standards throughout the world.



  • High Speed Production (3.5 ft/min at 40 second
    dwell time)
  • Variable speed control
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • Super-lite air shafts-all 6 unwinds &


  • Electro-pneumatic belt steering
  • Automatic cool-down timer
  • Safety bar & reversing control
  • Oil heated Drum w/2 zone control


  • Roll up loading table


Model Print Size Dimensions
H x L x W (ft)
Amps Air Electrical Net Weight
98 "
13" Dia
33cm (Oil heated)
1890 kg
5500 lbs
2500 kg