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  Top Products Heat Transfer Machines Model 7360/7372

AIT 7360/7372

Sublimation Rotary Heat Transfer Machine

Table Top Heat Transfer Press

The 7300IJO rotary heat press for dye-sub is an upgraded version of its moderately priced, high value, Model 7300IJ Dye Sub Heat Press . The 7372IJO model incorporates an oil drum heating system perfected in recent years on the AIT 120 GFO heat press.

This self contained, oil heated drum system assures uniform heat across the width of the cylinder and the lowest possible power consumption.

Multiple safety systems, high quality electronic and pneumatic components and ergonomic, light weight air shafts minimize down time and maximize investment return. The IJO is the perfect machine for a start-up, large format, dye-sub printing operation. It works equally as well as a dye-fixing machine for direct printed textiles.

High productivity, quality engineering design and conscientious after-the sale service are all good reasons for investing with AIT for all needs in dye-sub printing or textile dye fixation.




  • Oil heated drum. Self contained with digital heat control
  • Digital variable speed control
  • Automatic belt tracking
  • Printing widths of 60" or 72"
  • 3 unwind stations with adjustable tension
  • 3 rewind stations and separately controlled speed and tension
  • Five light weight aluminum lift out bards with tapered cones for 3" cores
  • Self locking safety chucks for all unwind/rewind bars


  • 2.0 lin/ft/min production speed at 40 second dwell time
  • 8" dia drum
  • "S" wrap bars for fabric tensioning
  • Hand safety protection at entrance
  • E Stops at all corners
  • Lanyard controlled reversing system for safety & ease of feeding
  • Dual Safety Reversing Systems
  • Low maintenance, brushless drive motor
  • All electronic controls. No air required
  • Automatic cool down at shut down

Optional Equipment

  • Roll up table
  • Third rewind for tissue paper


Model Dimensions Power Requirement @ 220/3 PH Average Consumption Belt Size Working Width Net Weight
38" x 92" x 47"
97 x 234 x 119 cm

25 amps

163 cm/ 64"
162 cm / 60"
2200 lbs / 998 kg
38" x 105" x 47
97 x 267 x 119 cm
35 amps
196 cm / 77"
183 cm / 72"
2500 lbs / 1157 kg

AIT Heat Transfer Press Specifications