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  Top Products Heat Transfer Machines Model 7240IJ

AIT/Astex Model 7240IJ

Table Top Fabric Heat Transfer Press

Table Top Heat Transfer Press

The AIT/Astex 7240IJ opens the door to Dye-Sub printed soft signage for all sign makers. Quality dye-sub printing of fabrics is now available at an affordable price. The 7240IJ is "Safety Certified" and meets or exceeds worldwide standards in safety and efficiency.

7240IJ Video Demonstration Available

Dye Sublimation Soft signage Optional Tranfer Paper Unwin
Heat Transfer Printing Equipment
Optional Steel Stand
Optional Fabric Unwind

Features include multi- zone heat control, 6" diameter drum, adjustable pressure and E-Z track belt guidance system. Printing width is up to 40" (1 meter) and endless in length. The 7240IJ requires 220V, 1 phase power. No air is required. Approximate size is 60" w x 18" d x 16" h.

Heat Press with Unwind Attachment

The 7240IJ is also available with a special unwind attachment for narrow web printing for printing on ribbons, elastic, shoelaces, lace, lanyards, etc. Three or four lanes can be efficiently run with one trained operator.

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This video demonstrates heat press printing with the ribbon attachment

Heat Press with Ribbon Attachment

Astex 7240IJ with the narrow web printing option

Narrow Web Printing

Ideal for continuous printing of:

    • Ribbons
    • Lace
    • Lanyards
    • Small Format (Narrow Width) Roll-to-Roll Printing
    • Digital Printing of Sports Apparel

Heat Press Lanes

Heat Transfer Press
Heat Press
Heat Press
The AIT Heat Transfer Press Model #7240 is available with a top feed design specifically for digital printing of sports apparel. Click here for more information.






  • Multi-Zone Heat Control
  • 6" Diameter Drum
  • Adjustable Pressure
  • E-Z Track Belt Guidance System
  • Printing Width up to 40" (1 meter)
  • Temperature Range up to 450 F
  • No Compressed Air Required

Optional Equipment:

  • Steel Stand
  • Fabric Unwind
  • Transfer Paper Unwind



Model Dimensions Voltage Printing Width Temperature Range Net Weight
7240IJ 69" x 18" x 16"

220V/1 PH/31 Amps
220V/3 PH/16 Amps

Up to 40" (1 mt) 0-450F 700 lbs.