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  Top Products Heat Transfer Machines Model 7000

Astex Model 7000

Sheet-Fed Rotary Heat Transfer Printing Machine

The Astex Rotary is designed specifically to accommodate the large size heat transfer papers. The large 36" (90 cm) diameter is ideal for printing thick substrates such as carpeting and thermal plastics.

It handles printing widths of 72", 60" & 48" with a operating speed of 25 feet/min. 6 solid state thermostats maintain accurate temperature regulation which helps produce a consistent high quality end product.

Each thermostat has 4 automatic functions:

  1. Actual value zone digital temperature display
  2. Set temperature display
  3. Alarming capability when set point is beyond control limits
  4. Fail-safe thermocouple monitor

Astex 7000 Video

Astex Heat Transfer Printing Equipment: Model 7000

Typical operating speed is 25 feet/min. Available in a triple-mode configuration - one machine for full coverage, spot printing and roll-to-roll.


  • Automatic Cool Down Timer
  • 36" Diameter Heat Drum
  • 72", 60", 48" Print Widths
  • Quick release system for Rolled Materials
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Quality Assurance System
  • Multiple Zone Solid State Temperature Control
  • Low Maintenance- easy on/off belt


  • Anti-static device with vacuum
  • Status Indicators with Alarming capabilities
  • Adjustable air clutches on Unwinds/Rewinds


Printing Width : 48", 60", 72", 84"(120, 150, 180, & 210 cm)