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AIT 6572 CPO Heat Transfer Press

for Cut Part Printing

Up to 77" Dye-Sublimation Printing

Ideal for digital dye sub printing of apparel, cut parts and engineered prints.

The AIT 6572 CPO is specifically designed for digital dye sub printing of apparel and other industries that require cut part, engineered prints.

A new self contained, oil heated drum system assures uniform heat across the width of the cylinder and the lowest possible power consumption. AIT oil eated drum systems use 50% less electric power than all electric machines.

The AIT rotary heat presses with the new oil heated drum system will increase production, reduce seconds, and save on energy costs. High productivity, quality engineering design and conscientious after-the sale service are all good reasons for investing with AIT Heat Press for all needs in dye sub printing or textile dye fixation.


The AIT 6572 CPO Heat Press is a multi mode machine that allows you to print three ways: sheet feed individual cut parts, roll to cut part sublimation or continuous roll to roll printing. . The #6572 can be supplied with a 13″ or 24″ diameter oil heated drum and is designed for digital dye sub printing of apparel and other industries that require cut part, engineered prints.

This video demonstrates individual sheet parts being feed into the heat press:

This video demonstrations roll to cut part sublimation:

The unique top feed design of the #6572 allows you to place the transfer paper onto the input conveyor with the graphic image facing up. Registration problems are virtually eliminated since the operator can clearly see the outline of the printed graphic. In roll to cut part sublimation the transfer paper can be unwound up over the input conveyor with the graphic facing up. The operator places the cut parts down onto the paper as it travels into the machine. Again, as with individual sheet feeding the graphic image is facing up to mitigate registration issues.

An air stripper system separates the finished printed parts from the paper and deposits them onto a transport conveyor that carries them to the back of the machine. The used transfer paper is wound up at the rear of the machine. The unique air stripper system that separates the printed part from the transfer paper prevents the paper from falling back down onto the printed part. Ghosting problems often associated with platen type machines are eliminated.

The #6572 is also equipped with unwinds and rewinds for paper, fabric and blotting tissue for continuous roll to roll printing.



  • Belt feeding system with independent drive for feeding cut parts
  • Large 13” (33 cm dia.) oil heated drum
  • 77” (196 cm ) wide Nomex felt for 72” (180cm) wide printing\
  • Electro pneumatic belt steering system
  • Safety bar with reverse control\Cool down timer


  • Exit cooling conveyor
  • Automatic paper separator bar eliminates ghosting caused by paper shifting or fabric shrinkage
  • Exit cooling conveyor cools and take printed parts to the back side for stacking
  • Tissue paper unwind/rewind
  • All motors DC brushless
  • Two additional unwind/rewind stations for roll to roll printing
  • Digital Measuring indicator



Model Print Size Dimensions
L x H(ft)
Amps Air Electrical Net Weight
(230 cm)
(257cm x 155cm)
13" Dia
33cm (Oil heated)