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  Top Products Heat Transfer Machines Model 1550-PM

AIT Model 1550-PM

Double Platen Heat Transfer Printing Press
(two button close operation)

1550PM Heat Transfer press

AIT 1550-PM with double heating designed with 3 independently controlled heated platens

The AIT 1550-PM is a dual platen, two-button close transfer printing press designed for maximum productivity with materials ranging from soft T-shirts to hard ceramic tiles. A fully automatic version model 1550-PA is also available.

Pressure and closing of the head is pneumatically controlled through a two-button close system insuring maximum operator safety and production. The head automatically raises at the end of the pre-set dwell time.




With the double heating option, the 1550-PM is well-suited for transferring on rigid substrates like ceramic tiles. Its standard platen size is 16" x 20"; a 20"x24" platen size is also available.

Digital temperature and time controllers provide accurate control and ease of adjustment.

The anvil shape of the bottom platens allows ease in loading tubular goods and minimizes wrinkling.

The AIT 1550-PM is "Safety Certified" and will meet or exceed worldwide safety and efficiency standards.

Standard equipment includes a head safety device, and swing-away head. Heat Press is engineered with quick disconnect design for quick changing of platens.

HEAT CONTROL: The AIT 1550PM also includes the Mica Heat Matte that is engineered with 30 years of experience in heat control of platen type presses.

Mica Heat Matte

In the case of platen machine there are some basic certainties:

Heat is Dynamic. The edges of the platen always lose head faster then the center. The 1550PM compensates for this with higher wattage elements around the perimeter.

Heat Trasfer is most efficient with contact. The Mica Matte has 100% contact with the heated plate. The others have much less contact with the plate which translates to a much slower reaction time.


- The anvil style bottom plate allows the tube of the garment over and allows single ply pressing. Many competitive machines to not allow this.

Multiple Platen sizes are available

- The 1550-PM has a quick change feature that allows both the top plate and the bottom plate to be changed in 5 minutes or less. Many of our customers have multiple head sizes for different applications.




  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Digital Timer
  • Adjustable Pneumatic Pressure
  • Swing-away head for easy access to the entire surface.
  • Hand Safety Device
  • Quality Assurance System
  • Ideal for rigid substrates when equipped with optional double heating system
  • Interchangeable Head System

  • Interchangeable Platens from sizes 4" x 4" to 20" x 24"
  • Steel Stand
  • Laser Light Positioning System
  • Double Heating System



Model Platen Size Amps Draw @ 220/1/60 Pressure Net Weight
1550-PM 15.5" X 19.5"
400mm x 500mm

12 amps

22 psi
1.5 kg/cm
360 lbs
163 kg