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  Top Products Heat Transfer Machines Model 1224PA

Astex Model 1224PA

Heat Seal Label Press

Suited for Automatic Application of Roll transfers

Platen Size:
6" x 6"
Platen Size
10" x 10"
220V/1 PH/10 Amps
140-575 F
Applied Force:
0 - 12 PSI


Especially suited for automatic application of roll transfers, the A.I.T 1224PA Automatic Heat Seal Label Press is a pneumatically operated heat press. The heat press includes foot pedal operation and automatic positioning of transfers by an infra-red photocell. (See figure 1.0)

Features include a digital time control, independent top and bottom temperature controls and a head safety device. The heat press is equipped with a low pressure regulation system for sensitive materials including leather, gold, and plastic. (Minimum of 1.5 PSI).


Automatic Positioning of Transfer by infra-red photocell

Fig 1.0: Automatic Positioning of transfer by infra-red photocell

The 1224PA Heat Press can operate in three modes:

  1. Fully Automatic Mode - In this mode each transfer is automatically positioned under the platen by an infra-red photocell. The dwell time is controlled by a digital timer. At the end of the preset dwell time, the platen raises and the next transfer is automatically indexed into position.
  2. Semi-Automatic Mode - This flavor of operation has a delay which allows the operator to adjust exact placement of the garment and/or transfer before the heated platen is fully engaged. The operator controls the activation of the platen using the foot pedal.
  3. Manual Feed - Each transfer is manual placed in position - this options allows production of small lots with individual cut transfers.
Fig 1.1: Custom Die Sizes

The feed system supports various transfer sizes from 3/4" x 3/4" to 9-3/4" x 9-3/4". The bottom platen easily accomodates irregular shaped objects including tote bags and backpacks. Also check out our 1550-PA heat press which includes a custom platen that we created for one of our customers who was using the press for sublimation on tote bags.


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Model Platen Size Dimensions Voltage Temperature Applied Force Air Net Weight
1224PA 6"x6" 30" x 21" x 31" 220V/1 PH/10 AMPS 140° - 575°F 0 - 12 PSI 90 PSI / 1 CFM 200 lbs
1225PA 10" x 10" 30" x 21" x 31" 220V/1 PH/10 AMPS 140° - 575°F 0 - 12 PSI 90 PSI / 1 CFM 200 lbs