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SwingMan Heat Transfer Press

Swing Away Heat Press with Interchangeable Platens

Heat Transfer Press 16x20

The Swingman Heat Press is a cost-effective manual swing-away heat press that maintains a high level of quality combined with technology. The heat transfer press is equipped with a standard 16"x20" platen and is well suited for those looking to press small size shirts, create tiles, ceramic tiles, hot split transfer, glass cutting boards, garments, mouse pads, plaques, and license plates.

With over 12000lbs of downward pressure, the heat press is ideal for applications in low production environments. Customers have found this machine effective in applications including Kids T-shirts, gym bags, tote bags, zipper bags and backpacks.

Swingman - Swing Away Manual Press
  • 16 x 20 Platen Size
  • Digital Temperature and timer controls
  • Econonmical model for low production environments
  • Ideal for T-shirts, gym, tote bags, zipper bags and backpack

Swingman Heat Transfer Press

Swingman 16x20 Heat Press


Model Platen Size Electrical Temperature Applied Force Net Weight
16" x 20"

14.5 Amps 1750 Watts

450 F
1200 lbs
108 lbs