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Heat Press to decorate Small Tote Bags

Demonstration how AIT 1550 Heat Press can be configured to support backpacks, small totes, gym bags and children's clothes

Heat press with Small Platen for Tote Bags
Plates on Heat Press Removed
The AIT/Astex Model #1550PA can  be fitted with smaller bottom plates for decorating tote bags, back packs, gym bags, children's T-shirts, etc.
The standard 16" X 20" plates are easily removed and the smaller plates set into place.  No tools are required and there is no need for an operator to call for the assistance of a mechanic.  A wide variety of smaller plate set sizes are available. Contact us for details.
Platen installed on Heat Press
Tote Bag Heat Press Decoration
Tote bags are popular items for decoration.
Decorating Tote Bag with Heat Press
Top and bottom plies on heat press
The bag  slips over the plate effortlessly
The top and bottom plies are separated and the handles are off the heated surface and out of the way. This leaves a flat smooth surface to apply the transfer to.

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