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Geo Knight Maxi Press

MAXI-4464AP ( 44" x 64" ) MAXI-PRESS AIR Originally $19,450.00
This machine was purchased new in 2016, a start-up company sampled a soccer collection and then shut down in 2017. Since then the machine has been housed in the main partners home garage.

Essentially, it’s a unicorn… as close to new as you can get!

Get it now for $14,450.00… that’s over 25% savings o_ the original price!

The MAXI-PRESS AIR is an Automatic large format heat transfer press intended for more automated and higher pressure needs than the Manual version. The MAXI-PRESS AIR provides an oversized platen and a better production-oriented press with a single front loading table and high pressure pneumatic lifting system.

This pressure system is powered by a dual air-bag, 10-ton, 20,000 lbs max force self leveling mechanism. The press is activated with a push of a button, and automatically releases at the end of the timing cycle. The front console features the Digital Knight control, regulating digital temperature and digital automatic timing control, as well as full air pressure regulation.

The heavy steel triple reinforced welded C-Frame design is built to withstand a lifetime of intense pressing and automatic operation, and allows for full draping of materials over the front, left and right sides of the press, without hindrance. For a large format heavy pressure automatic press that is one step below the larger industrial 931 Triton machines, the MAXI•PRESS AIR is the solution.

Location: The machine is in San Diego County California. If interested contact Je_ at 760-212-6577 or email: