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AIT Electronic Heat Press

for dye sublimation and heat activated laminating processes

Ideal for dye sublimation printing

Ideal for digital dye sub printing of apparel, cut parts and engineered prints.

The AIT Rev 2 Heat press is entirely electronic and requires no air. All functions are controlled with a patented electronic system that provides adjustable time, temperature and pressure controls with the push of a button. An electronic piece counter is also on the faceplate.

The heat press has a slide tray on the bottom platen which pulls out for loading. The operation is effortless and is totally silent. Both plates can be removed in a matter of minutes and replaced with various size extra platens, sizes and shapes. Shaped plates for cap pressing can be mounted in minutes.

The Heat Transfer Printing Press features the unique "Micro-Matte" heating element that is specifically designed for the quality heat control for dye sublimation printing. It will of course support all types of heat transfer applications including hot and cold plastisol peel transfers and heat activated laminating processes.

Optional Cap Accessory
Optional Cap Accessory

Optional Extra Platens
Optional Extra Platens



  • Plate Dimension 16" x 20" (40 x 50cm)
  • Temperature Ambient to 0 to 450 F (232C)
  • Time is adjustable from 0 to 999 seconds
  • Net Weight - 200 lbs (90 g)
  • Electrical 220/1 phase
  • Amp draw 12


  • Extra Platens
  • Cap Accessory



Model Platen Size Temperature Amps Electrical Net Weight
Rev 2
16 " x 20"
(40 x 50cm)
0 to 450F (232 C)