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  Top Products Heat Transfer Press Machines Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Heat press Preventive Maintenance Schedule
Based on a 40 hour work week

Item Inspection Frequency Action
Air Line Filter Check for condensation accumulation Daily Drain Filter bowl as required.
Thermocouple Probes Check for cleanliness Daily Clean probes as necessary
Temperature Controllers Check for proper calibration Weekly Check process value with temperature strips. Recalibrate as required.
Tracking Test photo-eye and regulators for proper operation Weekly Adjust settings for photo-eye and/or regulators if needed.
General Cleanliness/Housekeeping Weekly Clean on and around the machine
General Cleanliness/Housekeeping Monthly Remove the two top covers and two side covers. Clean any accumulated debris using a compressed air gun.
Thermocouple Probes Functional check Quarterly Remove thermocouple probes. Clean and polish tips. Reinstall and adjust as necessary. (Approximately 3/16" required for tip compression past contract with drum) Recalibrate temperature controllers as necessary.
Motor Brushes Quarterly Visually inspect motor brushes for wear and replace if necessary
Tables Proper positioning Quarterly Check for leveling and placement.