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  Top Products Heat Transfer Presses 7900 Machine Operation

7900 Series Heat Press Operation

7900 Heat Press Startup Operation

CAUTION: Before operating your machine, always be certain that the infeed table is clear of foreign objects such as scissors, clipboards, etc. These objects can be drawn into the machine when it is running and damage the belts and othe parts.

Always start-up your Astex Model 7900 Series Rotary Printer using the following procedures:

  1. With the Heaters "ON/OFF" and Driver Motor "ON/OFF" Selector switches both in the "OFF" position, Press the "Power On" Push Button to energize the machine.
  2. Adjust the belt tension pressure regulator so that '0' PSIG is applied to the Nomex Belt.
  3. Turn the Heaters "ON/OFF" selector Switch to the "ON" position.
  4. Set the Drum's Operating Temperature (Set Point) to 94 C (200 F) by adjusting both the "Primary" and "Outer" Zone Digital Temperature Controllers. This is accomplished by use of the up and down keys on the face of the Temperature Controllers.
  5. When the drum has reached 94 C (200 F), turn the Drive Motor "ON/OFF" Selector Switch to the "ON" position.
  6. Rotate the Speed Control Knob to the desired speed (Clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to decrease)
  7. Adjust the Belt Tension Pressure Regulator to provide only enough air pressure to engage the Belt and turn the Drum. If no air pressure is necessary to engage the Belt, do not apply any additional air pressure. Note: Never apply more than the minimum amount of Belt Tension required to engage and turn the Drum.
  8. Set the "Primary" and "Outer" Zone Digital Temperature Controllers to the desired operating Temperature Set-Point. Follow your transfer paper manfacturer's recommendations regarding proper printer temperature.
  9. When the desired Operating Temperature is achieved, run sample prints through the machine. Note: Some minor adjustments in speed or temperature might be necessary (due to your particular operating conditions and the type and weight of materials you are using) in order to achieve the desired results.

7900 Heat Press Shutdown Operation

Your Astex 7900 Series Rotary Printer has an automatic cooldown feature which shuts the machine off after the drum has cooled down. When you are ready to turn the machine off at the end of the day, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the cool down timer knob clockwise as far as it will go
  2. Turn the Heat "ON/OFF" selector switch to the "OFF" position
  3. Turn the Drive Motor "ON/OFF" selector switch to the "OFF" position.
The printer will continue to run even though the Drive Motor "ON/OFF" selector switch has been turned off. The machine can now be safely left unattended while it cools down and will run for approximately 60 minutes until the cool down timer turns the machine off. If you would like to use the machine again after you ahve set teh cool down timer, simply turn the Drive Motor and heat "ON/OFF" selector switches back to the "ON" position. The will override the cool down timer.