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  Top Products Fusing Machines Model BL1000

The BL1000 Belt Loop Processor has been discontinued.

As an alternative please see the AIT/Astex Model #2024SC or the #2016SC. These machines can be equipped with guides for running belt loops.

Astex Model BL1000

Denim Loop Processor
Quality, high speed fusing at minimal operational costs

The Astex BL1000 Belt Loop Processor fusing device is especially designed for fusing anti-fraying films and webs. A properly fused look can help improve quality and sewing productivity in production. Thread fraying is eliminated during cutting and stone washing. As an added benefit, sewing productivity is increased when attaching the loop to the band because of the added stability of the fused loop.

The Astex BL1000 is designed to fuse denim loops with quality assurance at the highest levels of productivity. Over 33 feet (10m) of top and bottom heated length assure even melt of the resin at maximum speeds and minimal temperatures.

The safety, productivity and quality of the Belt Loop Processor is second to none in the industry and the price is competitive. Expanding further on these three points:


Based on a field test conducted by a large manufacturer in Tennessee. The BL1000 Belt Loop was compared against a competitors similar sized machine. The comparison machine had been used in the factory for several years. The standard production speed and temperature for this machine for 14 oz Denim with 3 mil film was 450 F and 45 feet per minute.


  • Adjustable speed control
  • Top and bottom heat
  • Microprocessor function control
  • Pneumatic loading platform
  • Adjustable loop tensioning device
  • Safety cut off switches
  • Beltless design

After running the BL1000 with identical materials, that standard was bested at 360 F at 45 feet per minute. The lower temperature produced a more flexible loop with a better band while at the same time eliminating a productivity problem further down the production line. The final results was a 40% increase in furing productivity and a gain in quality end product.


The unique three heated plate system keeps both sides of the loop in contact with the heated plate the entire time that the loop is in the machine.

Model BL1000
Machine Width 35 in.
(89 cm)
Machine Length (w/ table only) 69 in.
(175 cm)
Machine Height (BL1000 w/ Stand) 52 in
(132 cm)
Belt Speed 60 ft/m
Power Requirements 220/3/6
Net Weight 400 lbs
(181 kgs)

This greatly decreases the time for the heat to penetrate the fabric and melt the film. Thirty-three feet of double-sided heat allows for up to 100-feet per minute speeds at a 3.3 second dwell time.



The center loading plate extends outside of the machine for easy loading. A jam switch stops the machine, raises the head and extends the center plate to the out position.