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Continuous Fusing System

As a less expensive alternative to the #3024 SC check out our rebuilt model #3024SC.
Astex Fusing Machine 3000SC

The Astex 3024SC ideal for dress shirt collars and cuffs

The flexible Astex 3024SC fusing machine fills the void between low production, platen presses and the larger, more expensive conveyorized high pressure fusing machines. It is suited for small to medium production requirements.

With pressure up to 7.5 kg/cm2 and a 24" belt width, the 3024SC fusing machine is ideal for dress shirt collars and cuffs.

Precise speed control, top and bottom heat with separate controls, and a fully adjustable pressure system assures high quality fusing at an economical price. The return to operator conveyor allows the use of one operator for loading and unloading.

The 3024SC fusing press exceeds worldwide standards in safety and efficiency. It was engineered with safety and operator comfort in mind.

Ideal for Dress Shirts Collars and Cuffs

The 3024SC Fusing machine is ideal for use in fusing collars. The process involves a lamination of a specially prepared interlining to the outer layer of the collar. This process eliminates shrinking and is widely used in today's high quality stock shirts.



  • Dual, digital heat control, top and bottom
  • Front loading table
  • Cool down timer
  • Endless Teflon belting system
  • Anti-pleating roller
  • Pneumatic pressure control
  • Solid state speed control
  • Return-to-Operator cooling conveyor - reduces operator fatigue


Model Belt Width Machine Width Machine Length Machine Height Max. Temperature Pressure Max. Belt Speed Electrical Weight
58.5 cm
96 cm
298 cm
102 cm
200 C 7.5 Kg/cm 11 m/min 220/3/60
8 KW
930 Kg
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