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Astex Model 1500C

Cap Crown Fusing Machine For Post Embroidery Fusing

Astex Fusing Machine Model 1500C

The 1500C Fusing Press is specifically designed for fusing 6-panel cap crowns after embroidery. It simplifies hooping and creates a beautiful backside by covering tear-away backing and thread ends. Platen molded specific to the crown shape


  • Adjustable Time, Temperature and Pressure
  • Fully Automatic Pre-and Post-Vacuum
  • Head Safety Device with Foot Pedal Closing
  • Precision Molded Head and Buck

The Astex 1500C features a platen molded specific to the crown shape. An automatic pre and post vacuum system aids productivity and presents a cool finished part for operation handling. The head safety device and foot pedal closing aids productivity and facilitates tandem machine operation.



Height Width Length Electrical
Amp Draw
Air Pressure PSI Weight
168 cm
68 cm
68 cm
18 100 250 lbs.
115 Kg