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Fusing & Heat Transfer Accessories

For Fusing Machines and Heat Transfer Presses

Welding Gun

Welding Gun

For Joining and Patching Fusing Machines Belts.

Teflon Belt Cleaner

RESIN-X Belt Cleaner

Jesse J. Heap & Son recommends Flag Cleaning of Teflon Belts on conveyorized fusing machines with the RESIN-X Cleaner for cleaning preventive maintenance.

Jesse J. Heap & Son offers four types of Temperature Strips to be used for the belt temperature calibration and testing of fusing and laminating machines.
  • High Temperature Belting
High Temperature Teflon Coated fiber glass belting is available for fusing and laminating machines. Various widths, lengths and thicknesses are available. High Temperature Nomex Blankets for Heat Transfer, Laminating and pleating machines are also available. Call or e-mail for details.
Hand-held infrared “guns” are frequently used to measure heat in fusing machines. Usually these guns are aimed at the bottom or top conveyor belt as it comes out the exit end of the heat chamber.  The back cover is often up and the instrument placed about 12” from the belt surface to measure any temperature differences across the width of the belt surface. This method is quick and easy, but is it accurate?
Today, it is important that all owners of conveyorized fusing machines be familiar with the Flag Cleaning method of cleaning fusing machine belts. We suggest terry cloth or corduroy as a suitable material for making a flag but any material with a nap will do.  The flag is placed in the machine during production breaks. The resulting cleaning takes place within the heat zone- where the resin is softest and the process is virtually labor and cost free.