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FLAG CLEANING Your Fusing Machine Belts

Today, it is important that all owners of conveyorized fusing machines be familiar with the Flag Cleaning method of cleaning fusing machine belts. We suggest terry cloth or corduroy as a suitable material for making a flag but any material with a nap will do.  The flag is placed in the machine during production breaks. The resulting cleaning takes place within the heat zone- where the resin is softest and the process is virtually labor and cost free.

The process for making a flag is simple. The material is hemmed on the trailing edge with the hem being large enough to allow insertion of a wooden rod similar to a round broomstick. The rod should be cut about 12” longer than the width of the conveyor belt. The flag length should be long enough to reach inside the middle of the heat chamber, but not so long as to reach the pressure rollers.

The best time for flag cleaning is during the morning and afternoon breaks, lunchtime and the late afternoon cool down period. Two operators take hold of the two ends of the wooden rod and lay the flag across the belt. The flag will be pulled into the heat chamber of the machine and the ends of the wooden rod will rest against the left and right side frame of the machine. Held in this position, the flag drags between the top and bottom belts inside the heat chamber, scrubbing the resins off the belts and onto the flag.

Resin X Belt cleaner is applied to the top of the flag before insertion and onto the bottom belt after the flag is inserted. Resin X belt cleaner helps remove resin build up that can contaminate your fused parts.  Resin X also conditions the belt which helps extend belt life.

Heavy contamination spots may require some manual cleaning. However, the manual cleaning required will be substantially reduced.

Jesse Heap & Son sells inexpensive but ideal material for the making of flags as well as Resin X belt cleaner and conditioner.

CAUTION: Use strong wooden stock when making a flag pole. Weak stock can break causing pole fragments to enter the fusing machine and cause damage to your belts. Always use two operators when inserting the flag into the machine. A single operator sliding a rod across the belt can scratch the belt and loose control causing the far end of the rod to enter the machine and cause belt damage. Other materials such as metal can be used to make the rod. However, wood is recommended because the rod and especially the ends do not become so hot to the touch.

Cleaning takes little time, is low cost and saves money in the long run. Contact us with any questions.