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Accessories for Fusing & Heat Transfer Machines

Resin-X Belt Cleaner

Jesse J. Heap & Son recommends Flag Cleaning of Teflon Belts on conveyorized fusing machines with the RESIN-X Cleaner for cleaning preventive maintenance.

Flag Cleaning of Teflon Belts

Clean with Resin-X two to three times a day (as required) during periods of non production. Place the flag on the input conveyor, lightly distribute powder on the middle portion of the flag and insert the flag into the heat chamber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teflon Belt Cleaner

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The wooden dowel will engage sheet metal and cause the flag to drag against both top and bottom belts. After running for approximately 10 minutes, stop the machine, carefully withdraw the flag and restart the machine. Roll up and store flag until next usage.

Resin-X Temperature Strips

temperature strips

Jesse J. Heap & Son offers four types of Temperature Strips to be used for the belt temperature calibration and testing of fusing, laminating, and heat transfer machines. The strip is placed on the moving belt which enters the heat chamber. Pull the Temperature Strip off the belt as it exits the machine and lay down on a table.

Range of Temperature Strips

Part # Type Temperature Range
TT220-290 I 104-143C/220-290F
TT290-360 II 143-182C/290-360F
TT350-420 III 176-215C/350-420F

How to Read Temperature Strips


To obtain an accurate reading of the printing temperature inside the heat press, place the temperature indicator strip face-down beneath a long swatch of fabric and feed into the printer.

Read the highest temperature recorded inside the machine. The temperature is indicated by the square which has turned completely black. Disregard any temperature squares which have only partially changed color.

Temperature Strip Example

The proper type of strip depends on the temperature range of the process you are performing.

  • Fusing operations usually use Type I (220-290 degrees F)
  • Heat Transfer printing usually calls for Type III (350 - 420 degrees F).

There are 8 temperature readings per strip in both F and C..