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The High Speed Adjustable Collar & Cuff Metering Device

  • Available for all Overlock Machines
  • Engineered For Quick And Easy Installation
  • Adjustable Folding Guide from 1 1/2" to 10".
  • A Unique Method of Dispensing, Prefolding and Stitching Adjustable Widths of Binding.
  • Regulated and Controlled Direct Drive System That Allows for Positive or Negative Feed.
  • High Quality Performance with Full Utilization of the Top Speed of any Overlock Machines.
  • Maximum Efficiency with the Minimum of Skill.
  • Used for Collars, Cuffs, and Bottom Bands
  • Also Used for Bottom Waistbands on Jackets.

Collar & Cuff Example
Used for collars, cuffs, and bottom bands

Collar & Cuff Metering Device