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  Top Products Folders & Attachments Folders for Jackets: Pocket Hemming

Folders for Jackets.

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R. Pocket Hemming

No.20 - No. 401 Shorter Nose

No. 20 Pocket Hemmer

  • For hemming front curved pockets on jeans and similar garments.
  • Available for single or double needle lockstitch machines.

Edge guide presser foot available.

No. 401 Pocket Hemmer

  • Shorter nose for hemming sharper curves.



No. 402 Pocket Hemmer

  • Mounted on swing bracket.

No. 403 Pocket Hemmer - Split Scroll

  • Hemmer is split to allow partial hemming of pocket.
  • Split feature will allow you to hem up to a notch.
  • The remaining material is run underneath the split portion of the hemmer.
  • Scroll swings out for easy finishing.
No. 402