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  Top Products Folders & Attachments Blue Jeans: Set Fly

Folders for Blue Jean Backs
Folders for Blue Jeans.

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Folders for Blue Jeans

F. Set Fly

No. 413

No. L212 Fly Front Folder

  • Used to attach and topstitch left zipper fly on jeans and corduroys.
  • Top and bottom scrolls adjustable to achieve desired stitch margin.
  • Available for all lockstitch, needle feed and compound feed machines.

Special presser foot available for needle feed machines.


No. 413 Fly Front Folder

  • Turns the lining down and stitches it to the fly in one operation.
  • Top Scroll and Bottom Guide adjustable.
No. l212


No. 414 Fly Front Folder

Same as No. 413 but in reverse

No. 415 Two in One Fly Attachment

  • Similar to No. 413 but no adjustable.
  • Available in upturn and downturn models.
No. 415
301-LSb-1 (inverted)