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  Top Products Folders & Attachments Blue Jeans: Set Waistband

Folders for Blue Jean Backs
Folders for Blue Jeans.

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Folders for Blue Jeans

A. Set WaistBand

Collapsible Right Angle Waistband Folder

Right Angle Folder

No. 312-206
Collapsible Right Angle Waistband Folder

Folder  312-206 Collapsible Waistband Folder


  • Top Adjustable Margin Control - This feature helps to maintain a consistent finish size on different types of material and helps folder accept binding that has been cut irregularly.

  • Collapsible Bottm - This feature allows the operator to collapse the lower band for finishing the garment. Folder available for all multineedle machines. Manual or air operated Knee Kicker which operatores collapsible device provided.

  • Bottom Adjustable Margin Control - Folder may be purchased without the air or manual Knee Kicker, allowing the bottom collapsible device to be used as an adjustable bottom margin control.