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  Top Products Folders & Attachments Blue Jeans: Set Waistband

Folders for Blue Jean Backs
Folders for Blue Jeans.

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Folders for Blue Jeans

A. Set WaistBand

Many different types of banding folders are available for waistband operations. The type of folder required depends on whether you are banding in rolls, short pieces or constructing a waistband curtain. We can provide standard folders or design a folder to meet your specific needs.

One Piece Band in Rolls

Folder No. 416- Right Angle Waistband Folder

Folder No. 312-206- Collapsible Right Angle Waistband Folder

Folder No. 302-206- Variable Width Right Angle Waistband Folder

Folder No. 420- Waistband Binder

One Piece Band (w/ Elastic Insert)

Folder No. 417E- Right Angle Waistband Folder with Elastic Insert

Folder No. 418E - Right Angle Elastic Waistband Folder

Two Piece Rolls in Band

Folder No. 419 - Two Piece Banding Folder

Folder No. 421- Collapsible Two Piece Waistband Folder

Banding with Short Pieces

Folder No. 423 - Horn Type Waistband Folder (Long Style)

Folder No. 424 - Horn Type Waistband Folder (Short Type)

Folder No. 429- Collapsible Horn Type Waistband Folder

Banding in Strips or Rolls

Folder No. 425 - C Type Waistband Folder

Special Purpose Banders

Folder No. 426- Collapsible C Type Waistband Folder with Air Jet Feed

Folder No. 427 - Bibbing & Banding Overalls

Folder No. 428- Two Piece Waistband Loop Attachment

Waistband Curtain Folders

Folder No. 422- Waistband Curtain Folder