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Heat Transfer Printing Introduction

Jesse J Heap & Son Inc. are manufacturers and distributors of a wide variety of labor saving devices and factory automation technologies including new and rebuilt Dye Sublimation Equipment, Heat Transfer Machines, Fusing Machines, So-Fast Cutting Equipment, and Material Handling Equipment and folders for sewing machines.

Since 1931, our equipment has been used for manufacturing of apparel, home & office furnishings, industrial fabrics, automotive trim, large format signage, and more. We have served industries ranging from textile and garment to automotive, military and pharmaceutical.


Featured Equipment

Dye Sublimation Printing

Total Solution Package - turnkey system for dye-sublimation printing

Heat Presses Full line of heat transfer presses including manual, semi-automatic and automatic platen and rotary type presses.
Ink Dryer Quickly dry your media as it exits the printer. Sizes from from 36" to 108". Mimaki JV4 62" Printer

Bulk Ink Systems for dye sublimation printers including Epson 7600/7800/9600/9800

Laminating Fusing Machines Our laminating machines are used for dry laminating of fabric to foam, fiberglass, film or other fabrics. Folder for Sewing Machines Folders & Attachments for Industrial Sewing Machines
Wind-all machine Wind-All high speed Winding & Measuring machines - Wide Width Wind-All Sewing Equipemnt  Wind-All Automatic Sewing & Winding Equipment - Narrow Width
Heavy Duty Air Cutter So-Fast, Hoffee & Konsan Cutters for heavy duty cutting [Español] Bias Unit Bias Sewing Unit With Tensionless Automatic Unwind & Automatic Doubler for Knit Materials
Imperial Box Pleating Attachment on Kansai Machine. SEMI-AUTOMATIC SYSTEM FOR SEWING SURGICAL MASKS Semi-Automatic System For Sewing Surgical Masks



Latest News

- AIT/Konsan L2 Laminator - Price Drop – Epson 7600/9600 Bulk Ink System
- Carousel Heat Transfer Printer AIT CA1000 - Rebuilt Heat Transfer Press – Astex 1550PA
- Electronic Heat Press for Dye Sub Printing - The 7240 IJO Heat Press for Dye Sublimation Printing

Fusing Machine
Try our heat transfer press or fusing machine finder to find a machine that suites your production needs
Heat Transfer Press